Why choose 5MinuteLawyer

It has never been that easy to get a rent reduction!

Quick and easy

You don't have a lot of time and do not want to deal with administrative tasks?

You lack the leisure to delve into tenancy law issues?

You haven't printed out a physical letter for a long time and going to the post office is not one of your favorite activities?

No problem, we do everything for you. Wherever you are, just fill out our form at www.5minutelawyer.ch. We will not only write a personalized letter for you but also make sure, that it is sent to your landlord in a legally enforceable way.

No cost risk

You already have enough fixed costs with your rent and Spotify and you really don't need another subscription.

You only know 5MinutesLawyer by hearsay and you don't want to give this company an advance on a good luck basis.

No problem. We are obliged to deliver in advance, which means that we send you your personalized letter for FREE.

We only charge you a small fee in case you want us to send the letter to your landlord. If you do so, you can also benefit from our analysis tool which might help you check, whether a counterclaim of your landlord seems legit or not.

Save thousands of francs

Life is too short (and too expensive) to pay too much rent. And let's face it, your apartment is not really a bargain either.

Even if you can't buy a Tesla with your monthly reduction, calculated over several months or years, you still get a nice sum (hmm, maybe still get the Tesla one day).

Take the test now at www.5minutelawyer.ch and we will tell you by how much you can reduce your rent.

We know your rights

Tenancy law is an extremely complex area. Even in supposedly clear cases, complicated questions can arise.

You know that there are various documents available online, but in your spare time you prefer to read novels rather than paragraphs.

Your landlord often has a lot of experience in rent reduction proceedings. Do not rely on him to use that knowledge for your own good.

We have created a tool that can help you get a first overview of your situation and will answer the most pressing questions.